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The squirt comes from a little known gland woman have called the Skene's Gland..

During an intense orgasm, and the woman is tightening up or "bearing down" as it is called, many may discharge a clear water like fluid that resembles pee in motion. If the man's penis is in, the squirt is often choked off and she is now just - gushing - or - flowing - and the large wet spot on the bed is evidence of such.

Because of the female anatomy, her bladder and the output of it is very close to the opening and she may expel a small amount of pee during a orgasm before muscles automatically shut it off. It is just what it is. Scare a woman or tickle her hard and she can do the same. It's just how they are... And to many guys, so what..! We like it and tease often till they wet their pants.

However, if the male pulls out very quickly, at the right moment, she may produce a stream or squirt that can be a foot ot two long and sometimes much longer or farther if he can get out of the way in time. My wife's record is 8+ feet so far.. It's not uncommon for a guy to get his belly sprayed in this attempt... But, he better get back in there and continue what he was doing or she will be a very un-happy camper. She ain't done yet..!

The squirt is quite alkaline, bitter to the taste but not bad but may sting the eyes. Is is very similar chemically to the seminal fluid guys produce to carry the sperm out of the body. As said it is often very clear and runny like water but it can have a slight milky look. This is NOT to be mistaken for, or confused with, the thick white creamy discharge that can come from the actual vagina. These are two entirely different things.

The white cream is her natural lube and some woman can produce so much of it that it can flow out on its own or be 'pumped' out during sex. This is very OK and a major turn on for many of us guys.. Sometimes during a orgasm, because the woman is having such intense muscle contractions, she may actually squirt some of THIS natural lube out, looking like she came like a male. Not true..! She is just expelling her natural lubricant by contractions.

A womans feelings play a very important roll here. She has to feel good with her self, her guy, what she is doing.... and comfy with the fact she can "let go".. may wet the bed and maybe even fart during a good orgasm, and many do. If she can get beyond many of the things far too many still have hang ups on, she is well on her way of discovering that her body has other secrets it may share with her and her lover.

Once she discovers she CAN squirt, the next is, can she do it by other means..? The G-Spot is the main source for this kind of orgasm. Licking the clit or rubbing it will not do it (or as well). The G-Spot needs to be stimulated and 'hard' or firmly.. Fingering is a good example and the guy making the "come here" motion with his fingers (two work better) can often cause the cap to be blown off the soda bottle. This is why actual intercourse can do it, toys can do it and often the fingers, rapidly, can do it..

Anyhow, sticking the tongue in, trying to hit any of the G-Spot (my wifes is more forward and reachable) and getting results can be a wonderful reward for a guy. Having a water bomb going off in one's face is a sure sign you did something right and the feeling you gave to her.. is well worth a wet face and a wild ride.. However, some guys are not that comfy sticking their tongues deep inside the vagina. Lick around the outside is ok, but not THAT... Grow up guys is all I can say..!

Anal intercourse can produce some of the most intense orgasms for a woman ever. It is rubbing many nerve endings at the same time and because of the close proximity to the vagina, many feelings are also transfered to there too. In the typical position for anal sex her G-spot is still being rubbed, by proxy.. If and when she explodes, and explode it will be, and her vagina is not being blocked this time, the bed may be wet for days and the blast could be almost frightening.

Don't expect results like these on your 1st tries. Good "anything" takes time, practice and just being good with and to each other. Trust is a key factor. Guys, win her mind and the body will follow.

It takes two to make a team. If you know where if feels good and the other hasn't found it yet, direct them to it or just tell them. No one here is a mind reader and us guys do NOT know it all, I don't care WHO you think you are.'s_gla...

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