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August 12, 2013

My Theory of WHY women squirt 
Ok, first off, I have not seen this anywhere. I have shared it with several researchers but as far as I know it was completely and totally ignored.  But you heard it here first: my theory on why girls squirt. First, the evidence to set it up:

2) this spot would be shield from most objects/dicks entering it most frequently with 2 exceptions: a curled finger doing the cum hither motion...or ??
3) I have observed that as women ejaculate, the volume is effected by the pushing of the cervix towards the vaginal opening and women tend to squirt as the cervix reaches the vaginal opening.
4) The ejaculate is a slippery, lubricating substance.

This is consistent with....childbirth.  That's why women can squirt.  The head of the baby goes to the end of the vagina and hits the pelvic bone right where the g-spot is. It's a huge baby head and needs lubrication to get out and it pushed against the female prostate gland located at that location.  So a massive amount of lubrication is produced in order to get the head to clear the bones and leave the vagina during the birthing process.

When the woman bears down to push the baby also encourages squirting to get more lube around the baby so that it can get out of the really small opening.

This is also consistent with reports of large volumes of clear liquid present during births as well as reports of 'orgasmic type feelings' by mothers during birth.

birth canal

And that is the evolutionary reason why females ejaculate. Again, women squirt during orgasm because they are triggering the same mechanisms that is utilized to ease the birthing process.

You heard it here first.

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